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Open Consultations

  • COVID-19 in Northamptonshire - Community Engagement

    Northamptonshire County Council (NCC), and all our partners who are working together on the coronavirus pandemic, want to hear from members of our communities. We want to gather feedback to understand your views on the spread of coronavirus in the county and to identify what might be helping... More

    Closes 5 October 2020

  • Community Health and Wellbeing Services 2020

    Public Health want to understand what services are needed to support people to improve their health and wellbeing, and in particular to meet the needs of those who are most vulnerable, to see if they have access to the right types of services and if services need to be delivered in different... More

    Closes 6 October 2020

  • Northampton Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan consultation 2020

    The outbreak of COVID-19 has re-shaped our society. In recent weeks and months people have taken the opportunity to explore their local area on foot and by bike and discovered the health and wellbeing benefits of being more active. With lower numbers of vehicles on the roads, many... More

    Closes 23 October 2020

  • Emergencies: How prepared are you?

    Since 2015, the 30 Days 30Ways UK campaign aims to inspire and empower people to be more ‘emergency ready’. This short survey has its roots in the 2008 ‘place survey’ across all local authorities in England and the 2013 ‘How Prepared Are You’ survey in Northamptonshire. It also... More

    Closes 31 October 2020

Closed Consultations