Travelling to work during COVID-19 - survey for employers

Closed 1 Jun 2020

Opened 21 May 2020



The Government guidelines continue to encourage residents to remain in their homes and avoid unnecessary travel if possible.  However, the amount of travel across the County is expected to increase as lockdown restrictions are eased and many employees return to work.

The easing of the lockdown restrictions presents both a challenge to manage social distancing requirements on public transport, but is also a unique opportunity to encourage people to continue to walk and cycle for journeys to work.

Managing the social distancing requirements will mean that the capacity of bus services will be much reduced. In order to accommodate those passengers who will be unable to use bus services, we are now engaging with major businesses and major employers to see which measures can be put in place to support the return to work, and are seeking to encourage walking and cycling wherever possible.  The aim will be to help us to identify challenges and to develop solutions - we will consider all options.

We want to hear the views of local businesses.

As well as implementing some of the improvement measures we already have planned for walking and cycling including a new e-bike loan scheme being introduced in 2020, we will also be looking at temporarily making more space available for cyclists and pedestrians, where this is feasible.

All data will be stored in a confidential manner in accordance with data protection regulations.