Proposed changes to the Council's Fair Contributions Policy

Closes 3 Dec 2019

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Please tell us your views by completing this questionnaire. We appreciate that some people find it hard to fill in questionnaires, so please feel free to ask a family member, friend or carer to help you complete this questionnaire. If you need help to complete this questionnaire and have no family or friends that can help you then please call us on 01604 365020.

Your feedback will be used to help us have a better understanding of people’s views on the proposed changes to how we charge for services and will help inform the Council’s decision on the review of the Fair Contributions Policy. Your feedback will be part of a report with many other people’s feedback, so you will not be personally identified.

You do not have to answer all of the questions. If you don’t want to answer a question, or don’t know the answer, then move on to the next question.

If you have any queries, comments or would like a copy of this survey in another format (including easy read or large print) please contact us. There is also an Easy Read version of this questionnaire available online which you can access by clicking the link. You can also ask for an individual meeting, where someone will come to your house, explain it and note down your comments. You can also give us your views by emailing us or writing to us.

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