Proposed change to Northamptonshire Libraries and Information Services - Children and Young People Consultation Questionnaire

Closed 22 Mar 2019

Opened 12 Dec 2018

Results Updated 22 May 2019

At a Cabinet meeting on 14th May, Councillors agreed some changes to Northamptonshire’s libraries. The links below will take you to all the papers which explain what everyone said within the consultation and what Councillors decided.




Your Library

Northamptonshire County Council is thinking about how we deliver the library and information service.

We do not have all the money we need to keep and run the library services in the way it is now being run.  We want to keep as many libraries as open as we can but we need to think about how we can do this.

Your answers to the following questions will help us to understand your views about how you use the library service and the effect that any changes to current service may have.

What you say will be part of a report with the views of lots of other people, so you will not be personally identified. The report will be given to the people who make decisions at the Council. We were planning to make the decision on what to do about the future of the library service in March 2019, but this will now be made in May.                  

You can see all the details about what we are thinking of doing on our website

How you can have your say

This questionnaire is for children and young people. By filling in this questionnaire we want to make sure we hear your views.

(If you are not a child or young person or want to complete the more detailed questionnaire you can do so by going to

You do not have to answer all of the questions. If you need any help in completing this questionnaire, please speak to a member of library staff. If you don't want to fill out this questionnaire online you can pick up a paper copy from your local library or by contacting us, please see our contact details below.

You can come to a library consultation drop-in event which are being held and speak to a member of staff. Have a look at the our website to find out when these will be held.

You can also give us your views by emailing or writing to us. Please see our contact details below.

Email address:

Postal address: Consultation, Equalities and Accessibility Team, BIPM, Northamptonshire County Council, One Angel Square, Angel Street, Northampton NN1 1ED

Telephone: 0300 126 1000

The deadline for giving us your feedback is 22 March 2019.