Northamptonshire Adult Social Services Independent Review - Run by Healthwatch Northamptonshire

Closed 31 Oct 2019

Opened 11 Sep 2019

Results Updated 1 Nov 2019

Please contact Healthwatch Northamptonshire for an update on the findings of this review.


This survey is being run by Healthwatch Northamptonshire on behalf of Northamptonshire Adult Social Services.

Northamptonshire Adult Social Services (NASS) are looking at how they can change the way they provide adult social care to better suit the people who need it. They also recognise they are not organised in a way that makes sense to their customers and that they take too long to do some things.

They want to change this and have asked Healthwatch Northamptonshire to carry out a short, independent survey for them to gather your views to inform these changes.

This survey is for people currently receiving social care or who are a carer for someone receiving social care, or people who have received it in the last two years or cared for someone who has in the last two years.

Paper copies of this survey to be returned in the post can be requested from or by phoning 0300 002 0010.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Any information you give Healthwatch Northamptonshire will remain anonymous and shared with Northamptonshire Adult Social Services (NASS) and collated into a report (which will be made available to the public). Healthwatch Northamptonshire do not ask for your name and will not use any information that would identify you. All information you give Healthwatch Northamptonshire will be held securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and its data protection policy. You can read more about how Healthwatch Northamptonshire uses data at: