Proposal to increase secondary places within Kettering town

Closed 22 Mar 2019

Opened 25 Feb 2019

Results Updated 3 May 2019

During the consultation period, a total of three people responded, of whom two were parents, and one didn’t specify. From these responses, one supported the proposed change, one was opposed, with one neither for nor against the proposed change. The main issues noted by consultees objecting to or with concerns/questions around the proposed expansion were:

  • Whether the increase in pupil numbers would have an adverse effect on already stretched physical locations
  • The effect on lunchtimes and whether catering facilities would be able to cope
  • Plans for maintaining teaching levels/improving staff retention
  • Disruption caused by building work
  • Ensuring larger numbers do not adversely affect pupil welfare – less individual attention, increased risk of bullying

Responses to this consultation will now be passed to both schools for them to submit as part of their ‘significant change’ business case to the DfE, before a final decision is made by the Regional Schools Commissioner.


Kettering town is experiencing increased demand for schools places at secondary level due to the rising bith rate, new housing developments and in migration, and additional capacity is needed to provide local places for children resident in the town.  Following a request from Northamptonshire County Council, Kettering Science Academy are proposing to increase their Published Admission Number (PAN) by 2 forms of entry (60 places), and Southfield School for Girls are proposing to increase their PAN by 1 form of entry (30 places), subject to suitable building work. The following increases would result from this change.

(a). Kettering Science Academy - PAN increases from 210 to 270 students per year group. Total physical capacity increases from 1050 to 1350 students;

(b). Southfield School for Girls - PAN increases from 168 to 198 students per year group. Total physical capacity of the school increases from 840 to 990 students.

This consultation is concerned with the principle of expanding the PAN at each school and the expansion of the physical capacity at the school, and does not relate to exactly how any extension to the schools will actually be built. The building proposals are subject to a separate statutory consultation process undertaken by the planning authority during the planning application process. A new teaching block will be constructed at both schools to provide extra capacity and support timetabling of lessons.

NCC is co-ordinating the consultation response on behalf of Kettering Science Academy and Southfield School for Girls. All responses received by the local authority will be passed to the schools for them to review.