Residential Short Breaks for Carers of Disabled Children 2020 - Children and Young People's Survey

Closes 3 Jul 2020

Opened 22 May 2020


This questionnaire is for children and young people. If you are a parent, carer or a professional then please fill in the other questionnaire which is relevant to you.

We are finding out what people think about Residential Short Breaks.

This survey is for children and young people who stay at John Greenwood Shipman (JGS) or the Squirrels for a Residential Short Break. It is also for young family members whose brother or sister has a Residential Short Break.

We want to make sure that we hear your voice so that we can see what is working well and what can be made better.

Northamptonshire County Council and other organisations like Health Services have to look at the needs of carers with disabled children. We know families and carers would find it hard to care for their families if they did not have a break from their caring.

We are looking at the service to see what works well and what could be better.

We do ask for information about you in this survey but no-one will know who said what. We keep all this information safe and put it into a big report that shows what everyone has told us. This will help tell the people who make decisions about the service what you and other families think.

You can leave any questions you do not want to answer.

This survey closes 3 July 2020.


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