Emergencies: How prepared are you?

Closed 31 Oct 2020

Opened 11 Sep 2020


Since 2015, the 30 Days 30Ways UK campaign aims to inspire and empower people to be more ‘emergency ready’.

This short survey has its roots in the 2008 ‘place survey’ across all local authorities in England and the 2013 ‘How Prepared Are You’ survey in Northamptonshire. It also takes inspiration from the ‘Emergency Preparedness Scotland 2014’ report and the 2015 ‘Risk & Preparedness’ study from Ireland.

This yearly follow on survey is anonymous and contributes to ongoing research by 30days30waysUK on household and community preparedness in the United Kingdom. 30days30waysUK is a professional volunteer network coordinated at Local Resilience Forum level. For more information visit 30 Days 30 Ways UK.