Community Health and Wellbeing Services 2020

Closed 6 Oct 2020

Opened 8 Sep 2020


Public Health want to understand what services are needed to support people to improve their health and wellbeing, and in particular to meet the needs of those who are most vulnerable, to see if they have access to the right types of services and if services need to be delivered in different ways to address these needs.

This information will be used to inform development of a community based approach to enable people across the county to improve their health and wellbeing, through working with local communities. These services will be based on local needs and will vary across the county.

This approach will be built on the knowledge and skills of local people and aims to build local communities assets so that communities themselves will be at the heart of this work. Examples of community based approaches include supporting and enabling local people to set up their own neighbourhood networks or working with local people to look at what types of activities they want and then enabling them to be able to deliver these, such as gardening, cooking, keeping active, social events. Key to this approach is that it is based on what local people need, based in local venues and enabling local people to have a role in the decisions about what types of services are needed and how they are delivered, as well as being part of the delivery.

This means that a key part in the initial phase of the programme will be in depth engagement with local communities to understand what local resources they have available and what types of things they need to improve wellbeing. It is anticipated that there will be a range of local providers who will deliver this.

Public Health are doing an initial consultation on these proposals and to ask for feedback so that we can develop the service specification and see if this type of approach is something that people think will help to address local health inequalities.

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