Children & Young People’s Community Health Services Parent and Carer Survey

Closed 3 Sep 2020

Opened 6 Aug 2020


Northamptonshire County Council and NHS Northamptonshire Clinical Commissioning Group are responsible for commissioning a range of community health and wellbeing services. We are taking a joint approach to reviewing some of the services that we currently commission for children aged 0-19 and in order to support this, we would like to hear about your views and experiences. A list of the services in scope for this review is below:

  • Health Visiting
  • Breastfeeding Service
  • Family Nurse Partnership
  • School Nursing
  • Special School Nursing
  • CAMHS Crisis Team
  • CAMHS for Looked After Children
  • Looked After Children Service (for initial and review health assessments)
  • Community Eating Disorders Service
  • Continence
  • ADHD / ASD Team
  • Dietetics
  • Children’s Occupational Therapy
  • Children’s Speech and Language Therapy
  • Residential Short Breaks
  • Children’s Community Nurses
  • Community Paediatricians
  • Children’s Physiotherapy
  • Children’s Bereavement Service
  • Child Development Centre
  • Paediatric Audiology (South of the county)
  • Substance misuse service
  • Talk Out Loud Participation Group
  • Strong Start
  • Oral Health Improvement
  • Youth Counselling

This survey is for parents and carers of young people aged from 0-19 who live in Northamptonshire. There is a separate survey for your young person and we would be grateful if you could ask and/or support them to complete this in their own words.

Children & Young People’s Community Health Services Survey for Children aged 5-10

Children & Young People’s Community Health Services Survey for Children and Young People aged 11-19

The purpose of this survey is to gain a current understanding of the needs, views and experiences of our parents and carers. We think there are some things that we get right, but we know there will be areas that we can improve upon, and your survey response will enable us to gain information on:

  • How children and families like to receive information about 0-19 health and wellbeing
  • Your experience of accessing commissioned services for your child, at any level
  • What you like about local 0-19 services
  • What could be improved
  • Any gaps in service provision
  • How improvements could be made
  • What is important to you, as a parent/ carer / trusted adult of someone aged 0-19, about children’s community health and wellbeing services.

This survey is quite large because we are seeking feedback on a number of services and the best way for us to get meaningful data for each service is to ask about them separately. Please don’t let this put you off as there are only a few short questions for each service, and you will probably only have comments on a few services. If your child has not accessed any of these services you can leave those sections blank. However, we are still keen to hear your views about what you feel is important about children’s health and wellbeing.

The information you give us will be anonymous, and will be collated with other responses and used to inform future planning and commissioning of 0-19 services.