A422 Farthinghoe Bypass – Preferred Route Questionnaire

Closed 3 Jan 2021

Opened 6 Nov 2020


The A422 through the village of Farthinghoe currently suffers from sub-standard geometry, a narrow carriageway and high traffic volumes making it difficult for large vehicles to pass each other. These issues are expected to be made worse by the level of development proposed in Banbury and Brackley which will lead to increased traffic through the village.

The last public consultation on the bypass took place in December 2015. The local community was asked for its views on alternative options for a 2.2km route to the south of the village and a 2.3km route to the north. The outcome of this consultation indicated there was a preference for a northern route.

Since January 2020, Northamptonshire County Council have been developing northern route options to address some of the feedback received during the 2015 consultation exercise and engagement with statutory consultees.

For further information about the consultation and proposed bypass routes, please visit the A422 Farthinghoe Bypass webpage.

This questionnaire has been developed for the A422 Farthinghoe Bypass consultation. It aims to ascertain the views of residents and other interested parties on 4 proposed routes to identify a Preferred Route to be taken forward for further development.

This questionnaire will run from Friday 6 November 2020 to midnight on Sunday 3 January 2021.

If you have any questions or enquiries about the A422 Farthinghoe Bypass – Preferred Route Consultation, please contact farthinghoe@kierwsp.co.uk.